Motorcycle Helmets

There is a fantastic range of motorcycle garments including bike headgears offered from the Bicycle rider Shop including: bike jackets, goggles, motorcycle pants, motorbike safety helmets, rain equipment, base layers, knox armor, glasses as well as warmed garments.

Motorbike Helmets

Bicycle rider Establishment have a variety of one and also two item waterproof motorcycle jackets, waterproof over suits and also water-resistant bike trousers as well as offer motorbike safety helmets. The rain equipment range is wonderful for keeping you completely dry whatever the weather condition you cycling in, making your riding experience far better, as well as much dryer!
Including natural leather bike pants and also fabric bike headgears, Biker Establishment? s motorcycle trousers vary include items from brands: Furygan, Rukka, Richa, RST, Joe Rocket, Spyke, Spada, Weise as well as Wolf.

Bicycle rider Establishment have a terrific variety of leather, fabrics as well as air bag motorbike coats available, including items from leading motorcycle apparel brand names such as: Belstaff, Furygan, Joe Rocket, Richa, RST, Rukka, Spada, Spyke, Weise as well as Wolf. An array of motorcycle safety helmets readily available.

With upper physical body armor to protect your ribs and also breast, as well as reduced physical body armor safeguarding your upper legs, knox shield is a vital to take care of your body. Likewise available is a fantastic neck support, created to support your neck in case of a crash or fall. This equipment might truly be a life saver.

Biker Shop stock the wonderful Oakley MX O Framework in a variety of design and colors, such as: Pink 3D Ornamental, Blue 3D Ornamental, Navy Digi, Jet Black, Red/Black Digi Slashed and Violet Rocker.

There are a superb variety of summer season and winter months base layers offered and motorbike safety helmets from Bicycle rider Establishment to keep you warm throughout the year when you? re out on your bike. Cyclist Shop have a large range of base layers available from a range of brand names, consisting of: Rukka, Motorcyclists, Cold Killers, Weise and also Spada.

Keep warm throughout the winter with motorcycle safety helmets great array of warmed apparel items, consisting of warmed gloves, heated trousers and also heated coats? all available from Bicycle rider Store or check out the Skully AR-1 review on MHK

The power of human networks

human- etwork-ophan

We’re in this business because of our sheer excitement and awe about the potential of human networks. You think Twitter, FBook and Google search are amazing? Imagine what will come next…

Many network thinkers talk about what’s next, but the truth is none of us are sure exactly what it will look like. There are simply too many moving parts. How do you move individuals and groups to do something big (think, save the planet, depose a dictator)? Our best hope is understanding the constantly moving system, and designing for common interaction between the parts (technology and people).

ATYPE: We understand the parts, we try to understand the people, and we build social experiments to test our theories. We don’t design websites (but we have great partners that do), we design human technology experiences optimized for use by thousands of users, and optimized again to create a symbiotic addition to surrounding systems – no human technology is an island. In this dense rain forest, you need a talented explorer, the best developers, and true innovation.

ATYPE Blog: Stick around. Subscribe. We’re going to reveal web systems secrets when we find them, we welcome critique, debate, and conversation. Internal experiments, code, client project successes, will all be shared here. Here’s what’s up next:

  • Ohpan – Arguably one of the greatest challenges facing the evolution of the net is filter failure. Another challenge comes from crude solutions to filter failure: lack of personalization – we are not all the same! What is your personal signal-to-noise on the first page of Digg? Ohpan is an experimental solution – a personalized group filter. Ohpan is live, try it here and read about it here.
  • Structured Conversation Tools – A client came to us and asked for a new solution to allow people to resolve highly contentious (small politics, public health, abortion policy) issues through civilized conversation, all while collecting valuable metadata that breaks the conversation stats down across bite sized chunks of issues. This is a tough one, but we’ve got some ideas.  We’ll share them soon.
  • and other viral experiment reports – we’ve done a number of viral experiments and we’re going to write posts that share our results. One of the most interesting is an anonymous love note campaign at; despite connecting over 6000 people, we consider this a viral failure, we’ll share our after action report.

Thanks. Keep watching. 
Simon and the ATeam

Do you have a social web problem? Do you want to get lots of people to work together to help themselves or take real world action? Contact ATYPE or post a comment. If you hit on an interesting problem, we might make it the subject of a future post.

iPhone Ohpan (soon)


Have you seen Ohpan? Read the intro post? This is just a teaser to let you know that after you build up your perfect stream of infotainment, you are going to be able to sync it and try with location aware scoring on the go.

We’re looking for beta testers.

Ophan Your Mind


Our vision – of a semi-shared infotainment desktop, subtly influenced by those around you (physically and socially), but geared towards exploration and pure information utility, not self referential numbness – is almost complete.

We want you to try it. is open as of right now [as an optimistic hedge against huge success, we’ve limited it to 2500 people, but we hope to open it up to everyone in weeks]. If you can’t find an invite, add yourself to our waiting list. You can also follow @plashkes and I’ll DM an invite code to you ASAP.

But what IS Ohpan?

Ohpan is a side scrolling interactive ticker that will become the easiest way to see the NOW web and get information and entertainment from far and wide. We bring it to you in bite sized pieces – breaking news, pictures, web links, blog posts, the weather, and more – all tuned for your interests. It learns from simple actions like opening and commenting, and is always trying to show you something new. Don’t like a topic or item? STRIKE IT. Love something and want to show it to friends? Re-Publish it to your feed. Ohpan is also about contributing and spreading ideas – feeling passionate? Be a content seeker for your network – easily make new items show up in friends feeds.


Why you should care.

The internet is amazing right? The whole world at your fingertips! Ever feel like you don’t want the whole world? Or you want the whole world, but don’t know what you want? Ohpan works hard to entertain, inform, excite, and empower you – giving you a tailored view of your NOW internet, one glassful at a time.

Try it.

One of the best things about Ohpan is that you are up and running in seconds. Full blast, no annoying setup process. For the first 50 200 people that login after seeing this post, use the beta access code: ATYPE1 – just go to and click ‘I have a code!’


OK! R0X0R5. LOL. Eh… Ohpan story: [ed. First: it’s a TOTALLY NEW interface, don’t think webpage, think dynamic learning side scrolling infostream] – we’re polling about a thousand of the best RSS sources. Our early beta users have been ranking them and putting them into 25 different communities. Based on users normal ACTIONS, e.g. save(star), forward, comment, re-publish(to your personal collection[soon to have its own RSS]) we learn which communities, sources, and topics you like. All of this is dumped into some scoring math that ranks everything based on your past score histories, increases the score of fresh items, and delivers feeds to our info tickers. We also ask you questions that impact your effective subscription levels. A ‘Yes’ to ‘Do you use twitter?’ means you’ll get more twitter news. Based on all of this we find people like you [net nearest neighbor, coming soon]. Ohpan is about DISCOVERY, so we also give you at least 20% content that you haven’t seen before, to help you expand your horizons. Up next: social media API integration, making it really easy for users to add content through templated microblogging, distributed team (i.e. Chicago VS Toronto) competitions, and we’re almost done our iPhone version[/FORTECHIES]

We will bring the web to you. We will let you work less to find more, remember what you like and deliver it when it comes online. We will connect you with the NOW conversations that matter, and hide the ones that don’t. We will give you control. We will treat you with respect, as a friend, and we will make Ohpan work better every day.

We’re happy to be here.
Thrilled to have you along for the ride.

-The ATeam &

Simon Plashkes
President, AType Studios

twitter: @plashkes
phone: 416 302 5959